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Death & Dying in the Digital Age

Final call for papers, CDAS Conference 2011
Death & Dying in the Digital Age
25 & 26 June 2011
Bath Royal Literary and Literary Institute, Bath

How do the internet and other digital technologies affect how people die and mourn? How may their use in palliative and bereavement care be evaluated? Abstracts (250 words) are welcomed from computer scientists and designers, health and social care practitioners, social science and humanities researchers, entrepreneurs. Topics could include but are not limited to:

Dying: Do digital communications change the experience of dying? How are email, social network sites, blogs, etc used by dying people and their carers? How may such technologies be developed?

Funerals and mourning: How are digital technologies used in and around the funeral? How do social networking sites change the experience of mourning? What is the online experience of communicating with the dead and talking to other mourners?

Digital inheritance: Digital wills, digital archiving, digital archaeology, the
mortality/immortality of digital data, Social Network Sites policies on deceased members.

The submission of abstracts closes on 14 March. Email with your
submission, along with full contact details.

For full details on the conference, for conference updates and to book, visit the CDAS website at:

Tony Walter
Centre for Death & Society, SPS, University of Bath, Bath BA2
7AY, UK. 01225-383595


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